Assignments 2016 - 2017

 Assignments 2013 - 2014

* World History Test November 1

* Environmental Science Chapter 3 Test October 30th

*  Basic English Composition Chapter 3 Test October 29th

* Study for World History Test Chapter 5 - test will be on October 17th

Assignments 10-11

Follow this link to begin your prehistory webquest.


1. We will begin our year with a review about copyrighting.  Follow the link and we will read and discuss the information together.


Assignments 09-10

Your first assignment is go to to the following link and complete the copy write activitiy.

1. You will need to print out the page first.

2. Follow the directions and click on the links.   Read the information and write your answers on the sheet you printed out.

3. Make sure you put your name and date on your paper.

4. Make sure you self edit your work - check your spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.

5. Turn your sheet into me by Friday September 4, 2009.


Assignment #2

1. Go to the following link

2. Read and follow the directions on this website

3. You will need to print out a map and worksheet for yourself

4. You will see numbers 1-50.  Click on number 1 to begin your task.

5.  You should complete at least one state each day.

6. Each day, turn you worksheet in to me.

7.  Happy traveling!


Assignment #3

Each day visit TheTarahumara Children's Hospital site 
and click on the giveaminute banner. Web page sponsors pay for a minute of 
hospital care each day you visit and click on the banner.


Assignment #4


Ok guys, lets hone up on those hunt and peck typing skills.  Go to the following link and take your speed typing test:

Print out you results and give them to me.

Next go to the following link and begin your typing lessons.

Every day you will need to log on to this site and complete a lesson.  Print the results and give them to me.  You also need to play some of the typing games that are on this site.  Have fun tickling the keys!!!


Assignment #5

Salam witch trials...............  You will be doing a webquest and then some mock trials in class.

Follow the link to begin your quest.

You may also want to go to this link to find very useful information to answer your questions.

Go to the following link

and watch the video.  Then write 3-4 sentences to explain what shocked you the most from the video clip.  Then read the rest of the information on this website about the Salem witch trials.

You will need to go to the following web site to gather information about Ipswitch Road


Assignment # 6 

Follow this link to find information on the Red Scare 1947-1956

You will also need to look for information on other "witch hunts" which caused hysteria.  One website to look at for countries in Europe is


Assignment #7

The Color Purple

Who is Alice Walker? Internet Scavenger Hunt

The Color Purple Unit

By ReBecca Hostler

Who is Alice Walker? Internet Scavenger Hunt

Go to the Alice Walker page of the gateway to get a list of sites for your

research. Using the information you find, answer the following questions:

1. Where was Alice Walker born? _____________________

2. What is her birth date? _____________________

3. What happened to Alice when she was eight years old that changed her life?


What were the three important gifts her mother gave her and what made them so important?

4. _______________________________________________________________

5. _______________________________________________________________

6. _______________________________________________________________

Which colleges did Alice Walker attend?_____________________

7. _____________________ 8. _____________________

9. Which female Harlem Renaissance writer does Alice Walker consider a major influence?


10. What was Alice Walker's husband's name? _____________________

11.What is their daughter's name? _____________________

12. What was so "interesting" to the people of Mississippi about their marriage?


What awards did Alice Walker receive for The Color Purple?

13. _____________________ 14. _____________________

15. Why didn't men like The Color Purple? _____________________

16. Why did Alice Walker feel justified in writing it anyway? _____________________

17. In what language did Alice Walker say her book was written?


18. From what medical condition was Alice Walker suffering when The Color Purple was being

filmed? _____________________

19. What is the phrase Alice Walker has coined to describe her feminism?


20. What does it mean?



Assignment #8

I Am Sam

Go to the link below.  Do the quiz and print out your results.  NO CHEATING!!!


Assignment #9 

You will need to go to the following link to help you write a research paper:

Please follow the steps carefully. Use this as a guide.


Assignment #10

Go to the following link for "The Secret"

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