March 29, 2010
Ok, so I hear the grumbling about the music in the movie.  BUT what about the story?  You all seem to be listening to it and have an opinion of what is happening.  So, what do you really think about the story?


March 4, 2010
Why must one live by a set of rules???

This must be written in complete sentences and at least 4 sentences in length.


January 5, 2010
Did you make a New Year's Resolution???  If so, what was it?


January 4, 2010
So, what was the best thing you got for Christmas????


December 23, 2009
What is your biggest Christmas wish for this year?


December 16, 2009
What's the highest rank in the U.S. Navy:  captain, admiral, or commodore?



December 14, 2009
What was Elvis Presley's real name?


December 8, 2009
Which of the original 13 colonies was founded by William Penn?

Round trip

December 7, 2009
It's 7 miles to the train, then 33 miles to town.  How long is the round trip?


December 1, 2009
Are distant objects in space called quarks or quasars?
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