Favorite Links

On this page we will keep a log of favorite websites.  This way we can all share the wonderful places you've found and others will be able to find these sites easily.  To get you started, here are a few I know you guys will love.

Crossword and word search makers http://www.puzzle-maker.com/WS/index.htm

Cartoon Yourself - this can only be used on Firefox and you may have to download before using.


Yearbook yourself


Picnik - A great site to be creative with your photographs


Smilebox - Another great site for making scrapbooks and cards with your photographs.


When you find a site you would like to share, click on this link: http://iecphotopromptwriting.wikispaces.com/

Then look to the right and click on student links.  You will be able to add your links on this page.

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